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Pam Petersen adds ‘up north’ to her territory

May 4, 2008

Many of you know Pam Petersen as our outstanding Southern Wisconsin staffing representative. Due to Pam’s excellent service, she will now also be assuming responsibility for Northern Wisconsin as well–overseeing pharmacist staffing and permanent placement for the entire state. Pam has been serving the pharmacy community with HealthPro since 2003.
Whether you are looking to pick up extra shifts, work full time as a relief pharmacist, make a permanent career change, or are a pharmacy with requests for staffing, Pam is there to help.

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Trends lead to new pharmacy school in Wisconsin

December 2, 2007

It would appear that the shortage of pharmacists is a trend which will continue for quite some time and one of the most viable solutions is to graduate more pharmacists.

What’s the cause of this trend?

As the boomers retire, the shortage has increased. The pharmacy profession also continues to see an increasing majority of women in the workforce. Although  a positive trend, this also has added to the pharmacist shortage as women are more likely to choose part-time employment and require more time off for family obligations, namely maternity and family leave. In addition, the aging population continues to pressure our healthcare system.  

Recently, Wisconsin was put on notice that there will be a new pharmacy school in the state. Concordia University Wisconsin will open a pharmacy school in 2009-2010 school year. They are planning to accept 50-75 students per class. They have not yet decided where the school will be located, but a good bet would be Mequon, the location of their main campus. The current pharmacy school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison graduates 130 students per year, and has about 300 to 400 applicants. Currently, there are 99 pharmacy schools in the nation.